Digitization of internal training. Smart!

Faster training of new employees, better start-up and more satisfied customers!

Implement and roll out important information and knowledge to your team or customers easily

Make training of employees and groups motivational and engaging with eTeacher!








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Reduce hidden costs of internal training!

travel expenses

By increased use of digitized training, you will be able to significantly reduce travel expenses. Fewer travel days give less strain to employees.

High turnover

80% of those who quit do so because they do not feel valued. Employees who receive more training thrive and stay in the company longer.

Expensive course holders?

Why rent expensive course holders if you can benefit from the good skills of your employees? Employees who get used to their expertise will be proud!

Trying and failing

Inadequate training for new hires increases the risk of trial and error, and lower sense of coping. Good internal training also gives more satisfied customers.

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